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But she is unable to get any help from him, either.

When she is helplessly looking for a way out, she meets Kapali (Ravichandran) who is also nurturing enemity against Vishwanathan. He runs to fetch the Police and get Vishwanathan arrested.

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The story is now told in flashback, when Vaishali's brother tells Saritha about her marriage to Kumar (Chiranjeevi), lasting only 47 days. He deceives both wives: He tells Vaishali that Lucy is a friend, while he tells Lucy that Vaishali is his sister.

Eventually, Vaishali figures out his bigamy and does not want to stay with him as his second wife.

Nambiar) known as Rajapradhinidhi, rules the village in a dictatorial manner.

The truthful and courageous Shekar(Sivaji Ganesan), questions the head and it results in him being imprisoned and tortured.

Shekar defeats the head, with the help of a gypsy gang, and the villagers elect him the ruler.

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