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It can be tuned to only after Chanterelle's side quest is completed. The song is an example of the type of music Frogfucius listened to as a tadpole. " is also, in Frogfucius' opinion, an example of "real music," as opposed to the "nonsense" created by contemporary bands.Ice Rose is a book of poems written by the late King Croacus III, the third ruler of the Floro Sapien kingdom. The Information Station is a radio station that can be heard in Koopa Village.This station will often announce some contests where Mario needs to take certain items to the Trading Event Toad.

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Francis declares that he shall take "hi-technicaaaal" pictures of Tippi, whom he calls Francine, and post them all over the forum.

After he creates Tiptron, Francis mentions how Tiptron earned him the "Elite Nerr" status on digibutter.nerr's forums.

Not much is known about this comic book, as it is only given two mentions; however, it is revealed that at least forty-seven issues have been released so far, and it is currently ongoing in publication.

The Diamond City Symphony was mentioned in the description of the souvenir Taxi Sonata, where it was stated that they recorded the song.

Harder Than Bedrawk: The Rawk Hawk Story is apparently a DVD starring the wrestler Rawk Hawk. The Hot Hits Station is a radio station that can be heard in Koopa Village.

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