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One wonders whether this device was utilised because the director’s background was in documentary, or whether it was an afterthought – added in post-production after preview audiences emerged confused by the cluttered storyline.The pretext for the plot is a visit to Rio in 1997 by Pope John Paul II.

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Their lethal turf wars meant that city police rarely entered their territories and residents were lucky if they reached the age of twenty.

Though the film was visually inventive and highly stylised, the story, told from the point of view of the young gangsters, was never less than totally convincing.

C'est là qu'André Batista, un des scénaristes du film, a suivi des études de droit.

Il était membre du BOPE et inspira le personnage d'André...

Couldn’t the writers have scattered such character and plot exposition over a few scenes so that we might learn this stuff for ourselves?

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