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use the same base recipe kit with different finishing hops.

This way, you can take two beers that are virtually the same and identify the differences in just the hop flavors and aromas.

Today, we brew each Scratch Beer on our custom small-batch brewhouse with the same aspirations to endlessly ponder, sketch, brew, tweak, flip, sample, gather your feedback and happily return to the drawing board.

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The Hop Cycle represents our vision of the hop-growing season.

Featuring four hoppy ales, Hop Cycle beers are available in bottles, cans and draft for about three months each, and represent a key part of our Anthology variety packs.

The Swindler is currently available on tap and in 500-milliliter bottles in our tasting room as well as finer bars and bottle shops throughout San Diego County.

It’s accolades include earning a “Highly Recommended” score from The Apprentice is dry, medium-bodied, exceptionally hoppy IPA leading with assertive bitterness.

The Exciseman comes and goes, showing up when we least expect it, but we’re always glad when he drops in. Straddling the (non-existent) border of Belgium and the Czech Republic, it combines a Pilsner-like base-recipe with Belgian yeast to create a versatile beer with a light body and elegant, floral hop character. The Harlot pairs well with a wide variety of foods, but if we had to pick a singularly perfect pairing, it would be a second glass of The Harlot.

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