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Remember that reactions can occur up to 30 hours later or more.

A woman ate rotisseried chicken on Friday evening, started itching in bed on Saturday night and got up on Sunday morning to find she was covered in an unbearable itchy rash.

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At present in Australia there is no government-funded institution that is prepared to accept consumer complaints about adverse reactions to food additives.

The government regulator Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) doesn't want to know - see their The latest report of a reaction to flavour enhancer 635 involves commercial rotisseried chicken.

* other common food intolerance symptoms, such as irritability, children's behaviour problems, difficulty falling asleep, headaches, irritable bowel symptoms including sudden diarrhoea, and alarming heart palpitations9.

After you have suffered a 635 reaction, you may find you have developed a sensitivity to other food chemicals.

They will probably deny it, tell you to consult your doctor (who almost certainly knows nothing about these reactions) and possibly be very rude, but the more complaints they get, the more they are likely to listen.

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