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Once the teens arrived, they made their way to Baldwin’s residence and asked him to show them some cars.

Richards gave a signal and Hoover killed Baldwin with a baseball bat.

According to prosecutors, Richards was going to use the laser to blow up the bridges leading in and out of the county, and once the coup was complete, he was going to rename the territory “Pendragon” and rule over it as King.

Mark and Jo Ann maintain that his conviction was a C. But the longer he was in prison, the more he wanted to talk, and so in 2003 Jo Ann started a nonprofit foundation to help get out his life story.

As Executive Director of Earth Defense Headquarters, she felt not only more connected to her husband but also that her own life was filled with a newfound sense of purpose.

Crossan Hoover and Andrew Campbell, both 17, worked for Richards, and the trio was planning to rob and murder Richard Baldwin, 36, the owner of an area auto restoration shop.

Baldwin had a substantial car collection and was said to keep a large amount of cash in his home, and the proceeds from the robbery were reportedly going to be used to buy machine guns and parts for a laser gun.

“Aside from becoming a mother, I don’t know that I did anything noteworthy,” Jo Ann says of her life before she met Mark.

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