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After Episode 105, three additional visiting intern/representatives were added as recurring cast, Christian Burgos (Mexico), (video producer), previously on Episode 68 and newer interns, Ogi Hitoshi (Japan), (Keio University graduate, animation company emoticon designer), and Wang Xinlin (China), (Dalian Jiaotong University electrical engineering graduate, Seoul National University mechanical engineering doctoral student).

Donations were given to the Beautiful Store, whose chairman Myunghee Hong visited the set on January 11, 2015, for a ceremony with cast.

Also in December, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon was "inspired by popular TV show Abnormal Summit on cable channel JTBC" and scheduled an "informal round-table meeting" with ten foreign residents for February 2015.

Hailing from Australia, France, Ghana, the United States and other countries, foreign stars are breaking down barriers in Korean TV...

The actors also serve as cultural ambassadors for their home countries and can find themselves deconstructing stereotypes about other parts of the world.

In the beginning of June 2016, media announced cast (and production) changes expected for Episode 103, with nine members leaving - Zhang, Rasch and Okyere, (on the show from Episode 1), Lindemann (joined on Episode 5) and Krompiec, Gorito, Johnsen, Rashad El Baz and Varsakopoulos (joined on Episode 53).

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