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In an era of social media, dating apps and third wave feminism, traditional dating practices must be negotiated amidst the changing tide.A practice that once referred to a chaperone accompanying two courting lovebirds on a country frolic now describes a hook-up in an ASDA car park.Jae Ellis is the winner of studio1.1′s 6th ‘Lottery Show’ prize draw.

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No matter, if you're not a teenager they can't stop you from watching Nev and Max claim their well-deserved prize when the awards show airs Aug. Catfish is casting for its next season right now, so if you think you've been catfished or are catfishing somebody, apply and confront it head-on.

Interestingly enough, a lot of times it's not the catfish victim, but the catfish perpetrator, who reaches out to the show.

Ambiguity over the acceptability of your dowry to potential suitors has been replaced by ambiguity over an aubergine emoji.

What is the result of these changing social norms, gender roles and dating practices? Please note that while all media gallery content is provided by verified members of the event, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society does not review or approve this content before it is posted.

Contemporary issues and ideas motivate me, underpinning and inspiring all my artwork.

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