Nasty sexy web sites

Nasty Gal has 470,000 Facebook fans, 57,000 Twitter followers, 321,000 Instagram followers, and a “growing base” of Pinterest users.

It was its social media cred — and sticking to its straight-pricing guns — that brought Nasty Gal to Index’s attention, giving the VC hope that Nasty Gal will soar amongst many other would be fashion e-commerce stars.

Global is not a goal too far for Nasty Gal, which says it already has a customer base of 350,000 people across 60 countries.

There are a bunch of fashion sites that are picking up investment at the moment: among them, Just Fab raised $76 million; Russian buying club Kupi VIP picked up $38 million; fashion aggregation site Lyst took $5 million; and India’s Freecultr got $9 million from investors including Sequoia.

And there are those rumors about Fancy being a target buy for one tech giant with a lot of money to spare.

“Until Nasty Gal, we hadn’t seen a fashion retailer with such a deep understanding of social commerce,” Danny Rimer, a Partner at Index Ventures, said in a statement.

As part of this latest investment, Rimer has joined the board of Nasty Gal.

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Last modified 17-Aug-2017 17:56