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When one talks in swardspeak, the person is easily identified as a homosexual.

Individuals with the same orientation could then easily recognize each other through this.

On the other hand, those who speak any of the Bantu languages call their gay slang Isi Ngqumo. Swardspeak, through association, is no longer spoken exclusively by the gay community in the Philippines.

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Japanese words like “watashi,”, “birru,” and “otoko” are commonly included.

Some examples of words and phrases used in swardspeak are given below. Bahasa Binan/Bahasa Béncong originated from the gay community of this Southeast Asian country. In Indonesian gay speech, one of the most common code change is to add the word -in- as an infix. It came from the word “banci,” which already means “male transvestite.” But instead of using the original word, the gay community opted to insert the infix “in” and drop the “ci.” On the other hand, “béncong” is a standard Indonesian word meaning a male homosexual.

Anti-languages are usually developed by marginalized communities as a secret language.

Under an oppressive society where homosexuals and their lifestyle are often looked down upon, a need for a language understood only by them and perhaps by individuals friendly to the gay community, was necessary.

It is not a surprise to hear heterosexual men and women who work in the entertainment and fashion industries speaking gay lingo.

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