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I have, therefore, removed Selection vi and substituted for it the whole of Hrafnkels saga freysgofia. It aims at giving enough information to enable the beginner to acquire, without having to refer to any other book, a working knowledge of the Old Norse lan- guage and an acquaintance with the more important aspects of the literature. Fagrskinna 157 The Battle of Stamford Bridge 157 II. Gesta Danorum 165 The Skj Qldung Kings 165 Contents XIX. This tax on free men roused bitter resistance, but Harald slew or drove into exile all who would not submit.

Only men between the ages of eighteen and fifty were admitted; no women were allowed inside the fortress ; all booty was divided according to rule, and none might remain in the fellowship who at any time showed fear.

Jomsborg was held by a fellowship of vikings living under a strict military rule.

It is high time that English students realized that Norse speech and literature existed in other forms than Icelandic. Half or more than half of the literary power of Norway was thus concentrated in Iceland, and it throve the more for its concentration.

There has too long been a notion current in England that ‘Old Norse* is synonymous with ‘Old Icelandic*, and even our more scholarly books constantly quote distinctively Icelandic forms as ‘Old Norse*. Landndmabok gives the names and origin of about 400 of the most important settlers in Iceland.

The cause of the settlement of Iceland was the ambition of King Harald Fairhair, though Norway, not Iceland, was the nation he was intent on bringing into being. ti7, grant, 1/15; give to, settle on, 1 2/1 2 1 ; provide, make available, 12/127 1 gi ve (advice), direct, 6/398, 7/61; (8) impers. way, journey; road, path, 16/173; manner, fashion, 8/94.

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