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The huge nation of China is home to people from diverse cultures who follow a variety of Animist, Buddhist, Confucian, and Taoist traditions.Along the Eastern coast of China there are also many small factories and crafts collectives specializing in the manufacture of lucky charms and religious goods for export to Europe and the Americas.The British established the Gold Coast Crown colony in 1874 over parts but not all of the country.

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Burma is a Southest Asian nation ruled by one of the most brutal military dictatorship on the planet.

The region has a rich spiritual history that has been violently supressed by a pack of fascist ghouls.

For spells of fidelity and for a peaceful home, wrap hairs around the munaiwarmi figure, which depicts a clothed, standing couple.

1" x 1 1/2", Hand-Carved Wedding Stone White Soapstone, realistic.

Ghana, officially the Republic of Ghana, is a country in West Africa.

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