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Enjoyed the historical significance of the battleship. Served under Chief Deskins and later Chief Bench (Puss), when Deskins became our Senior Chief. Traveled all around the world and great memories of Hawaii, the Philippines, Singapore, Thiland, Shellback Day and Panama.

I made the ribbon board that is on the wall at the museum for the 2002 reunion at the ship. Suffered the loss of Chief Gorchinski in Beirut Lebanon. Didn't get off the ship in Egypt due to getting called back for gunfire support for the Marines in Lebanon.

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Have many questions that I would like to have answered and I am sure he has some of his also.

What a great feeling - still floating on a cloud - was great to share the entire ship and have the tour guides to thank for this great reunion they put us together. Looking for my fellow shipmates who served with me during my tour from 1988 - 1992.

There are many great stories told here and also lots of messages from former crewman who are looking for shipmates.

Log entries do not appear here immediately after they are made, but this Log is updated regularly. He was invited back to go on the last cruise they had for open house. Thanks, may god richly bless each and every one of you that served on as wonderful a ship as the Jersey ever was. Helped design firing cables for New Jersey's final gunshot, which was a full salvo of 5" gunfire, as the 16" guns were under moratorium.

Dog, Andrews, Novotny, Mahosky, Jones and all the others?

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