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Huge Gründerzeit areas were built, which mostly survived both war and post-war demolition.With the opening of a fifth production hall in 1907, the Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei became the largest cotton mill company on the continent, housing over 240,000 spindles.

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Unlike its neighbouring city of Dresden this was largely conventional bombing, with high explosives rather than incendiaries. In April 1945 the Deputy Mayor of Leipzig, Ernest Lisso, his wife, daughter and a Volkssturm Major Walter Dönicke committed suicide in Leipzig City Hall.

The resultant pattern of loss was a patchwork, rather than wholesale loss of its centre, but was nevertheless extensive. The United States turned the city over to the Red Army as it pulled back from the line of contact with Soviet forces in July 1945 to the predesignated occupation zone boundaries.

Oper Leipzig has become one of the most prominent opera houses in Germany, and traces its establishment to the year 1693, making it the third oldest opera venue in Europe after La Fenice (Venice, Italy) and the Hamburg State Opera (Hamburg, Germany).

The famous University of Music and Theatre "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" is located in this city.

The Leipzig region was the arena of the 1813 Battle of Leipzig between Napoleonic France and an allied coalition of Prussia, Russia, Austria and Sweden.

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