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James Lees-Milne wrote to John Betjeman that he found her "very, very, very frightening but beautiful and succulent like Belgian buns".When she presented Betjeman with the Duff Cooper Prize in 1958 he was reduced to silent tears, moving his friend Maurice Bowra to write a parody of Betjeman's In Westminster Abbey: "Green with lust and sick with shyness, Let me lick your lacquered toes.

And he is sympathetic to the Princess's lack of any employment other than cutting ribbons to open things less grand than those opened by her sister; smoking; drinking; and singing off-key.

She tried to combine the smoking and drinking by gluing matchboxes onto tumblers, so she could strike matches while drinking.

It is probably fair to say Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men and sometime Sopranos writer and producer, is one of the most...

magazine had said “I was PROBABLY going to be named ‘Man (Person) of the Year,’” but he turned it down. TIME does not comment on our choice until publication, which is December 6.” A number of celebrities, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus, David Baddiel and David Schneider, also took to Twitter to mock the President with parody tweets. ” Time Magazine called to say that I was PROBABLY going to be named “Man (Person) of the Year,” like last year, but I would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot. But I would have to agree to a crown of thorns and crucifixion.

She sent Peter Sellers even madder than he already was.

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