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This way, when someone starts to swipe when you're showing them just one photo, the pictures of you hanging out with Nickelback won't appear.

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Even with Private Mode enabled, apps can talk to one another and potentially read files that you've marked as private.

Once you've set your access option, Private Mode is enabled.

Since I couldn’t find decent instructions online (the manual is woefully lacking) I thought I’d write up a quick tutorial in case anyone else has issues connecting the E-P5 to an i Phone. Download the Olympus Image Share app from the App Store. Tap the Wi Fi button on the top left of the screen or navigate to Menu – Connection to Smartphone.

It is universal and can be installed on an i Phone or an i Pad. Either of these options will bring up a screen with a QR code that says “Private Connection.” 3. Tap the small camera icon on the bottom and choose “Easy Setup.” On this screen, tap scan. Hold the phone’s camera to the QR code on the screen of the E-P5.

Private Mode is more of a visual method is hiding content and doesn't hide a particular apps contents from the file system.

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