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Provide an imperial/metric scale and north point, as appropriate.

Photographs: for scanning, good quality originals should be provided with adequate contrast, unmounted.

Editor may prefer to agree with the author a reduction in the length of the article.

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Texts dealing with aspects of later periods will also be considered if they have clear connections to archaeology.

Articles indirectly related to archaeology (ethnology and history, for instance) will also be published, as well as works dealing with methodology, museum studies. All texts will be published in Croatian and English with a possiblity of publishing in other languages also.

Archaeologia Cantiana Archaeologia Cantiana is published annually and is free to members. Archaeolgia Cantiana has been published since 1858.

The contents pages for all volumes can be viewed and volumes which have been digitised can be found here.

Nominations for fellowship can come only from existing fellows of the society, and must be signed by at least five and up to twelve existing fellows, certifying that, from their personal knowledge, the candidate would make a worthy fellow.

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